Plastic Engineering

Why choose Genius of Plastic?

Duration 1275 Hours [13 Months]

The technician is involved from design to the finished product, including the assembly and adjustment of plastic processing machines. From specifications, he works on a computer to develop a three-dimensional product. Then he has tests carried out, in particular by subjecting the plastic to defined temperature or pressure parameters.

You will learn to ….

  • Develop and interpret plans, drawings and technical specifications, prepared using traditional or computer-aided (CAD) methods.
  • Prepare estimates of costs and required materials as well as work schedules, and write reports.
  • Test and analyze machinery, accessories and equipment to determine performance, power, stress resistance and other characteristics.
  • Design molds, tools, dies, jigs and accessories used in manufacturing.
  • Supervise and monitor projects and inspect mechanical installations.

Some Advantages of the Program

  • Very practical training that matches the needs of the labor market.
  • Work placement at the end of the program increasing your chances of employment.
  • Team of experienced teachers.
  • Personalized framing | Proximity to teachers.
  • State-of-the-art equipment.
  • 3D printer lab available to students

Cost : CAD 55,730

Average Salary : CAD 54,080

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