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The Denmark Tavern

It is an immense pleasure to introduce you one of the oldest property of Eastern Indian- THE DENMARK TAVERN, a two storeyed property located at Serempore, West Bengal. The word Tavern means an inn or public house. This property is 232 Years old. In the year 1786, 16th March, a Tavern was opened by Mr James Parr on the banks of River Hooghly. As time passed many hands transferred from Mr Parr to Mr John Nichols. Mr. Nichols has given the name Harmonick Tavern in Calcutta. They started with Bed, Lodging & Board Facility services. Almost 200 years passed, by 2010-11 a group of restoration experts studied the building that stood in complete debris.

Mr Simon Rasten, historian, National Museum of Denmark given the name of the property as Denmark Tavern & Hotel, which is located near Nishan Ghat where the Danes kept their flagstaff & situation Cannon. It was then decided that the Building would be kept Restored & Reused. This property was also used as a coffee House in 18th Century. Way back in 18th century, this place Serempore was administered by Denmark under the Name of Frederiksnagore till 1845.

At present the property is in operation with 02 Rooms in ground floor & rest 04 in 1st floor out of the same 02 rooms will be ready to operate by mid-September 2020. This property is now maintained by Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels Limited. Once you get inside the property you will be transferred back to early 18th century. You can see the transformation this property went through with the images regarding the property from the begining till now. The nearby attractions are Serempore College & Port. A little walk down from the property you will find ferry from there you can go to Barrackpore Cantonment.

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