About Us

Established in June 2014, Perfection is one of the leading Brand promotion & Digital Marketing Company based in Eastern India. Over the years, it  has built an enduring professional relationship with the valuable different agencies  through its service standards. It offers an extensive range of products be it a secret food recipe, buying a dream car or sharing a dream travel destination. Our team  provides  with the best deals and variety of available options  to organise the  exhibitions segment of your life in a beautiful way. Our  experts are  well  equipped to provide all kind of support and quality services available under the roof.

Knowledge, Experience, Trust and Expertise have always been our primary tools to success and we also thank our valued allies for supporting us in this journey. Making  corporate  business travel trips and group tours fun, exciting, stress-free and, of course, affordable,  Or wanna  get the best deal of clothing products.   With 5 years of experience under our belt, we are one of the best  bloggers in Kolkata & India, dedicated to deliver the finest  luxurious  experience to our clients through our  website.

Promotion & Marketing

Technically, we sell no product. It is intangible so unlike products, industries cannot sell it to their customers. So the industries provide the best deals and cheapest offers based on the customer’s imagination skills. We are competing with the entire world every time you promote your advertisement in a given destination, and this high level of competition demands a creativity. Undoubtedly, advertising is important for any business and in the business world, it plays a key role to entice the customer (tourist).

Forming Brand Partnerships

The ability to reach audiences, attract customers, excite interest and convert it into action can be significant challenge – in the age of competition for tourism dollars strengthening across the globe. Partnerships helps many travel companies to approach in reaching a broader and more desirable audience to plan their dream tours. When two parties hackle over a cheaper deal, resources and asset connect us for your mutual benefit.

Advertising in Trade Publications

If you are in a business and willing to promote it through our blog providing a better and cheaper deal to your clients thus ensuring  a tough competitions to your opponent.  Promote advertisements helps in trade publications to attract the eyes of buyers and sellers around the country. Create a brand for destination that speaks to what they have to offer and why? Find the destination’s identity and describe it to the public so they understand why they want to visit & placing ads in a smart and targeted manner.

Sponsorships and Giveaways

Tying in with the dream destination and creating a level of prestige for the brand. Sponsorships are available in all shapes and sizes from local parades to national events, each with its own target audiences and each with a specific set of benefits. It includes co-branded giveaways and sponsored giveaways.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Wanna get broadcasted on Instagram or Twitter?  The chances of getting more viewers and at the same time making the travel-lovers, food-lovers or shopaholic and explorers aware of the beauty of the world along with its uniqueness. Influences Marketing works  because of the high amount of trust and faith our clients have on us for turning their dreams to reality. The blogs not only target Travel Industry but intend to widespread knowledge among the clients on various aspects like Food, Culture, Festivals, Properties with latest Amenities, Technology, Adventure, Latest Trends, Youth Fantasy, etc.

Let’s Go Digital

We also under take website developments along with mobile applications for our clients and help them to go digitize with their products in order to increase their sales. We incorporate analytics for their website and also help in generating traffic for the same. We intend to provide cost effective solutions in phases so that our clients are satisfied with the results vs their investments.